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Our Team

Christopher Burns
Sr. Editor

Being acquainted with the concepts and terms of finance and business, and the capability to present them in a well-versed and simple language to the readers, Christopher earned this position of Senior Content Writer in our organization. Having an interest in ongoing political affairs, Christopher also puts forth his standpoints pertaining to it.

Phone: +1 800-275-6396

Julia Maynard
Editor & Writer

Julia has an experience of 4 years and being a tech-savvy has made her a thorough describer of all the latest updates, inventions, and launches in the field of technology. Checking on all the modern devices and gadgets as well as their applications in day-to-day life is a free-time undertaking of Julia.

Phone: +1 800-275-6397

Sharon Harrison

Sharon is one of our keen professional content writers with a background in the science field. She presents all the latest discoveries and inventions of medical devices, drugs, and other health & science-related stuff in a well-versed manner. With an experience of 7 years, she has been a precious asset to this organization.

Phone: +1 800-275-6398

Editorial Staff Emails & Contact Information

Christopher Burns – Email: | Phone: +1 800-275-6396

Julia Maynard – Email: | Phone: +1 800-275-6397

Sharon Harrison – Email: | Phone: +1 800-275-6398

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