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Yes, Facebook is down. You aren’t the only one.

On Monday afternoon, an unknown number of Facebook users got disconnected from the social media site for a short time. Some users who tried to access the popular social network were shown a broken error message reading: Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on it and we’ll get it fixed as soon as possible.

According to, Outages hit users on the East Coast and spread. Users soon went to Twitter to vent out or joke, with #FacebookDown hashtag, and people were expressing their need to get a social media fix in funny ways, including a tweet from the official feed for, which defined Twitter as a noun and a place we all go to talk about Facebook shut down.

Even a police department responded to the news and requesting that Facebook users who are unable to view the website refrain from contacting local law enforcement.

Facebook has over 1.49 billion daily users, according to public information posted by Facebook, itself. On top of that, the website boasts that they have approximately 2.27 billion monthly active users. It’s safe to say that when there are such issues accessing the website, people are bound to take notice.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that the outage and a subsequent resolution to the problem that Earlier that day, a routine test had caused users to have trouble accessing or posting to all Facebook services including WhatsApp and Instagram. They quickly investigated and restored access for everyone. They were sorry for the inconvenience.

Even Facebook’s stock price went down more than 2 % on Monday to around $141.77 per share, largely from continued selling pressures by major investors lowering their growth estimates for Facebook.

They declined to elaborate on what the company was testing on Monday or whether an outage was to be expected.

Users ran into many key issues kinds of error messages when trying to access the Facebook app, website and Facebook Messenger. Even people at CNET also experienced problems.

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