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Qualcomm new chip a ‘boon’ for Android smartwatches

Qualcomm new chip a ‘boon’ for Android smartwatches

Qualcomm unleashes a unique and advanced processor for watches which is named as Snapdragon Wear 3100, a chip which is a low-power processor and adds battery life and improves ambient displays. The product offers greater flexibility to health device and sports gadgets. It’s been way too long that Qualcomm last discharged new smartwatch chip, and in the time since, Android smartwatches have failed.

Enhanced battery life is a major focal point of the new processor, with gadgets running 4-12 hours longer contrasted with the past chip. Even if the battery falls to 20%, universal watches can demonstrate the time and other information for up to seven days where ultra-low power co-processor takes into consideration highlights like an upgraded encompassing mode that can show live entanglements. The new chip’s key highlight is that it utilizes 20 times less energy than the main processor.

On Snapdragon Wear 3100 tool, rotating the crown pulls to open the framework of 3 x 2 instant switches like Do-not-disturb, theatre mode, aeroplane mode, battery saver, ringing your phone, and Google Pay. Hence, rotating the crown can likewise return clients to the main workstation.

Google has stationed an audio control which shapes like a sphere, which shows song list, battery indication, playlist icons on the music application. It has even upgraded its device as of how information will be displayed in Wear OS as previously it was restricted to one alert but now multiple alerts will be visible one at a time.

Qualcomm announces that by the end of the year primary watches with a Wear 3100 chip will hit the market. Launched watches at entry level will be models from Louis Vuitton, Montblanc and Fossil. Undoubtedly, these Fashion brands will be the primary adopters which will not shock anyone. Over the past couple of years, mould brands have taken to smartwatches and produced a great many models of the watch with contrasting outlines and very little else in the method for upgrades.

By the end of this year, Qualcomm’s new launch will give it a hike in the market as its new chip is been released with advanced software from Google will be easily accessible to its clients as it offers variant features.

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