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Researchers plan to bring rain in the Sahara desert

Researchers plan to bring rain in the Sahara desert

Sahara is a blazing area of destructive dryness, warm and sand which consists of 10 countries and is becoming enormous and is considered to be the immense blazing desert on the planet. On account of its hot and bright conditions, various vitality ventures are gaining their interest in its capability.

Eugenia Kalnay, a meteorological expert from the University of Maryland stated that he has found that the expansive establishment of windmills and solar farms can bring more rainfall and advance vegetation development in these areas.

The expansion of windmills and solar panel boards over the Sahel and the Sahara wouldn’t simply be an advantage for sustainable power source but will also demonstrate that the earth itself would start to change by the presentation of solar panels and turbine sharp edges resulting an increment in plant cover by around 20 %.

With the power surplus generated by such a system, the scientists believe we could acknowledge other substantial natural activities like desalination of seawater and transporting it to areas that experience the ill effects of freshwater shortage, thereby supporting wellbeing and production of food.

Wind turbines increases vertical blending of heat in the environment, driving hotter air down to the surface and prompting more probability of rainfall. One of the researcher informed that such expansion in rainfall prompts an increment in vegetation cover, making a positive sign for the environment. Also the solar panels which absorbs the rays from the sun, decreases the measure of light reflectance at the surface which likewise helps in expanding rainfall.

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