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China dispatches new satellite to study the oceans

China dispatches new satellite to study the oceans

On Friday, China launched a Long March 2C rocket along with the Haiyang 1C, a satellite designed to monitor the ocean by measuring ocean temperatures, keeping track of sea contamination, and movements of ships effectively.

Denoting the nation’s 24th space launch this year, Chinese authorities announced the Long March 2C flight a huge success. The Haiyang 1C shuttle took off at 0315 GMT Friday (11:15 p.m. EDT Thursday) from the Taiyuan space focus in Shanxi area. The World Meteorological Organization reported that the satellite weighed 974 pounds (442 kilograms) at the time of dispatch. Haiyang 1C likewise conveys a camera to monitor the coastal areas, and a radio wire to capture signals communicated by ships. The Haiyang satellite is devoted to sea reconnaissance, natural observing, and oceanography.

Data from the new Chinese satellite will enable authorities to decide the strength of fish stocks and other creatures in the oceans. Haiyang 1C’s estimations will distinguish dregs that have been settled in ocean depths, chlorophyll levels accumulated in the oceans, and dissolvable natural objects. The Haiyang 1D satellite is set for dispatch in 2019 which is considered to be the next in line.

U.S. military data indicated that the two-level Long March 2C rocket conveyed the Haiyang 1C satellite into a circle about 485 miles above Earth and it had a ground track tilted 98.6 degrees to the equator.

China has propelled three ocean monitoring satellites in the past as well.  In 2002, they launched Haiyang 1A, followed by Haiyang 1B in 2007, and Haiyang 2A which is considered to be the first in the series of shuttles with various instruments to monitor the oceans in 2011.

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